Reverse Shoulder 

Humeral Stem​ Features

  • Titanium 6AI-4V alloy

  • On-Growth Surface: carborundum-blast surface on proximal end of the stem

  • Reverse Morse Taper: designed to mate with humeral heads and humeral cup

  • Lateral, Anterior and Posterior Fins: provide for soft tissue attachment

  • Smooth Distal Stem: to minimize stress shielding of the humerus

  • Anatomical Medial Curve: improves fit of the stem to proximal humerus

  • Distal Flutes: increase stem flexibility; allows for medullary revascularization

  • Reduced Collar Size: increases visibility of the stem/bone interface

Humeral Stem Sizes

   Size 1: 6mm x 100mm

   Size 2: 8mm x 110mm

   Size 3: 10mm x 120mm

   Size 4: 12mm x 120mm

   Size 5: 14mm x 125mm

Humeral Cup​​

  • Co-Cr Alloy

  • Morse Taper Fixation: designed to mate with the humeral stems

  • +9mm Option: available to provide for lengthening the prosthesis

  • 12° Angle: to make the scapular neck-humeral shaft angle 147°

Humeral Cup Sizes      



Humeral Cup.png
Humeral Cup9.png

PE-Inlay​ Features​​


  • Two Cup Depths: Centered and Retentive

  • Retentive Option: 2.4mm deeper cup to provide additional joint stability

  • Anti-rotational Design

  • Snap-Fit Mechanism: laboratory tested

PE-Inlay Sizes

   Centered & Retentive

   Diameters:  36mm & 40mm

   Thickness:  0, +3mm, +6mm

Metaglene Plate​ Features​​

  • Titanium 6AI-4V Alloy

  • 9mm Cannulated Central Screw: to provide for primary fixation

  • Morse Taper Trunion: designed to mate with the reverse glenosphere

  • Titanium Plasma Spray Coated

  • 4 Holes: for peripheral screw fixation

Metaglene Plate Sizes

   25mm & 29mm

Reverse Glenosphere.jpg

Reverse Glenosphere​ Features​​

  • Co-Cr Alloy

  • Reverse Morse Taper: fixation to the metaglene plate

  • Recessed Glenosphere Screw: for added security of fixation

  • 1mm Clearance Gap: between the glenosphere and bottom of the metaglene plate

Reverse Glenosphere Sizes

   Diameters:  36mm & 40mm

   Option:  Standard, +4mm Height, Eccentric Offset

Reverse Bone Screw​ Features​​

  • Titanium Alloy: self-tapping 4.5mm bone screws

Bone Screws.png

Bone Screw Sizes

   15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm

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